The Downtown Outreach Addiction Partnership Team (DOAP) Program: The Calgary Alpha House Society

The Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP Team) program was initiated in 2005 as a mobile diversion response to street level addiction and public intoxication. Using a client-centered approach, the DOAP Team encourages self-determination and decision-making. The DOAP Team advocates on behalf of participants and assists them to navigate complex service systems to better access shelter, health services, addictions treatment, and housing services.

This study shows the investment return on DOAP funding is $9.43:1. The findings show by helping those who are struggling with addictions and homelessness, DOAP is also making a positive impact on Calgary’s emergency services, hospitals and health care, and our community. Most importantly, they are making a positive change for vulnerable people living on the streets.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada