Emotional video sheds light on homelessness

"No one ever sees the woman she used to be. She's somebody's girl who's lost her way; got stuck in bad luck and cocaine."

Kingston-based vocalist Carol Hegadorn, a classically trained pianist and performer has written more than 300 songs, but Somebody's Girl was inspired by a young woman she noticed sitting on the corner. The bright ribbons in the girl's hair contrasted with her rough outward appearance, Hegadorn said, and got her wondering about the young woman's personality and story.

"People can be on the street for so many reasons and you never know why," she said. "It could be related to addiction or abuse or a bad turn of events ... But it could very easily be me or anyone."

Hegadorn took her song and the message to the next level in December. Collaborating with her 23-year-old daughter, actress Mackenzie Gruer, and a freelance production company in Toronto, a music video was put together. The hope is the video and song will inspire a greater appreciation for the precarious road to addiction.

Click here to watch the video.

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