Everyone Counts: 2018 Simcoe County Homeless Enumeration Report

The 2018 Homeless Enumeration is the first provincially mandated and federally supported, biennial province-wide count of its kind. The enumeration identified, engaged and surveyed as many people experiencing homelessness as possible – across the province and the nation – so that strategic efforts can be made to address respective local needs and ultimately end homelessness in Canadian communities. The Simcoe County 2018 Homeless Enumeration used the Canadian definition of homelessness. Table 1: Canadian Definition of Homelessness, 2017 (pages 13 & 14) provides the definition of homelessness, and locations used to determine in which category an individual or family would be included. The first Simcoe County enumeration was a Registry Week conducted over a three-day period in January 2016. The findings of this enumeration were reported in Working to End Homelessness: Simcoe County 20,000 Homes Campaign Registry Week. Because the methodology used in 2018 (a combined Point-in-Time (PiT) Count/Registry Week) was different than that used in 2016, comparison of results should be conducted with caution. The main methodological differences between the 2016 and the 2018 enumerations are presented below:

1. The addition of the Point-in-Time Count and Survey methodology including the use of tally sheets to record observed homelessness;

2. The addition of bed utilization data for April 24 provided by homeless services provider agencies that provide overnight accommodations; and

3. The increased community and stakeholder participation in the 2018 enumeration including:

  •  A 78 percent increase in the number of enumeration volunteers from 2016 to 2018; and
  • The addition of enumeration planning teams in each of the county’s five enumeration regions that resulted in the ability to access and survey more people
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