Feds and GNWT announce housing funding agreement

The federal and territorial governments have partnered up to put a large sum of money towards affordable housing.

Both levels of government announced an $11 million package in a new agreement that continues a program that began five years ago.

The announcement was made by Diane Finley, the federal minister of Human Resources and Skill Development, along with Deputy Premier Jackson Lafferty.

Under the new deal, the GNWT will spend the money over the next three years and the funds will be used to build new units and make repairs to existing ones.

The GNWT will have the responsibility of designing and delivering specific programs for the communities involved.

Lafferty said programs like these are crucial to sustaining communities and will help address the needs of housing in the territory.

The funding comes on the heels of a report authored by Carleton University PhD student Nick Falvo, which said more affordable housing was needed, along with better shelter standards and the creation of a homelessness secretariat.

The report also said at least 400 families are on the waiting list for affordable housing in the territory.

Publication Date: 
December 23, 2011
Journal Name: 
CJCD Mix 100 News
NT, Canada