Haven's Way Evaluation Report

Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary (BGCC) has operated Haven’s Way, a supportive housing program for female youth, since 2004 with support from the Safe Haven Foundation of Canada (SHFC), private donors and more recently, Alberta Human Services. The program has existed since 2000 and was initially operated by its SHFC founders. Since BGCC took operations on, more than 40 young women have had access to the supportive home environment where they can focus on their education and develop the skills and supports

The Haven’s Way program approach aligns with best practice literature on a Foyer model for youth, which is gaining attention from service providers, funders and researchers across Canada as a promising approach to end youth homelessness that combines essential housing and supports focused on successful transitions to adulthood.

To fully understand the program’s strengths, alignment with best practices, and potential areas of further enhancement, BGCC initiated a comprehensive evaluation of Haven’s Way. Alberta Human Services funded the evaluation of Haven’s Way as part of a broader examination of Foyer programs in Alberta using consistent methods.


Publication Date: 
Calgary, AB, Canada