The Homelessness Monitor: Scotland 2012

The Homelessness Monitor: Scotland 2012 is the first report of a four-year longitudinal study that provides a 'baseline' account of how homelessness stands in Scotland in 2012. The study monitors the impact of the economic downturn and policy developments on homelessness in Scotland. Key findings from the report are: - In sharp contrast to a rising trend in England, statutory homelessness applications have dropped by 19% in Scotland over the past year; - Rough sleeping appears to have declined in recent years in Scotland, with total incidences recorded falling by 43% over the past four years; - Forms of 'hidden' homelessness demonstrate a more mixed trend with concealed households remaining relatively stable, shared households increasing while overcrowding continues to affect around 50,000 households; - Data shows that economic deprivation may be a more powerful driver of homelessness in Scotland than housing market pressure south of the border; - UK welfare reform in particular is likely to jeopardise attempts to minimise levels of homelessness in Scotland.

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