Host Homes Developmental Evaluation: Executive Summary

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) partnered with Raising the Roof (RtR) to conduct a developmental evaluation of strategies to scale up the Host Homes model in Canada. The project received funding from Innoweave.

The evaluation questions were co-created by the COH and RtR. The original questions to be answered were:

  1. How can the Host Homes model be adapted to meet the needs of diverse Canadian contexts (i.e., urban vs. rural, different geographic regions, various political climates)?
  2. How can partnerships and cross-ministerial relationships be utilized to create high leverage policy opportunities for scaling the Host Homes model across Canada?
  3. How can RtR most meaningfully support agencies in developing and implementing Host Homes programs across Canada?

Through further consultation, additional questions were added. These were:

  1. How do Host Homes programs fit within the Housing First for Youth (HF4Y)framework?
  2. How do Host Homes programs fit within the broader system response to youth homelessness?
  3. What are the training and technical assistance needs required to scale up the Host Homes program across Canada?

The evaluation questions are answered in a series of three reports. The current executive summary provides key findings from each report. In the webinar recording below, the report's authorize summarize the key findings.

Publication Date: 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada