Making Life Better: Alberta’s Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy

Having a stable home contributes to better health, financial, education and social outcomes, and reduces pressures on the health-care, social-support and justice systems.

The Alberta government developed a Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy that goes beyond bricks and mortar, focusing on making life better for tenants by giving them the tools to become more successful in life.

The Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy focuses on:

1. Investing Now and for the Future – The Alberta government is investing $1.2 billion over five years to build more affordable housing for those who need it.

2. Integrated Housing and Supports – Tenants are given the tools they need to have every chance to be successful in life.

3. Successful Transitions and Aging in Community – Whether a senior is moving into a lodge or a family needs housing, the strategy helps them progress into affordable housing with the support they need.

4. Fair and Flexible – Applicants and tenants will no longer be penalized for improving their financial circumstances. Housing providers have the flexibility required to respond to community needs.

5. A Sustainable System – Housing providers can better support Albertans if the housing system is financially sustainable. New funding and program models put affordable housing on sound financial and environmental footing.

Publication Date: 
Alberta, Canada