Ottawa rejects Senate plan to fight poverty

The Harper government has refused to adopt any of the 74 poverty-fighting recommendations that were part of a sweeping Senate report on homelessness and poverty. Instead, the government’s response Monday night to the Senate’s 300-page report was a 20-page list of Ottawa’s current programs and a commitment to “take the committee’s recommendations under advisement as it continues to find ways to help Canadians succeed.” Liberal Senator Art Eggleton, whose subcommittee on cities authored the report, said he is “disappointed” in the government’s response. “I think we made it quite clear it’s not just how much you spend but how efficiently and effectively you spend it,” said Eggleton. “What we really needed was an action plan — an indication that this is a high priority for the government.”

Publication Date: 
Sept. 28 2010
Journal Name: 
The Toronto Star