Promising practices for meaningful participation among constituencies working toward ending homelessness in Victoria, BC: Phase 1: A review of the literature

The aim of this project was to provide an initial evidence base and recommendations for development and implementation of policy and practice for including people experiencing homelessness as part of a community response to homelessness.

A scoping literature review was conducted focusing on homelessness and social exclusion/inclusion. Six themes emerged as central in understanding social exclusion and developing inclusionary policies:

  1. Social exclusion is associated with homelessness;
  2. Social exclusion impacts health;
  3. Social exclusion is rooted in unequal power relations;
  4. Addressing social exclusion is an important part of developing solutions to homelessness;
  5. Inclusionary theoretical perspectives and principles;
  6. Practicing social inclusion.

Themes one through four highlight the context and consequences of social exclusion while themes five and six provide insights into promising practices.

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