Regina Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Changing population growth trends and housing market conditions, coupled with a changing policy landscape, resulted in the City of Regina identifying the need for a Comprehensive Housing Strategy.

Purpose The purpose of the Strategy was to better align programs and assets with current and future housing needs, to coordinate with the new policies and programs of the Province, and to determine where the best areas are to stimulate and regulate the housing market.

Approach The Comprehensive Housing Strategy studied the housing needs and issues along the full continuum of housing, from homelessness to homeownership. It was undertaken in five phases, with the fifth phase resulting in the Comprehensive Housing Strategy:

  •  Phase 1: Background Review
  •  Phase 2: Issue Identification
  •  Phase 3: Policy, Incentive and Strategy Development
  •  Phase 4: Evaluation of Alternatives
  •  Phase 5: Comprehensive Housing Strategy.

Summary Version of Consultant’s Final Report

Publication Date: 
Regina, SK, Canada