Report on Homelessness in Sudbury: Time 4 Comparison of Findings July 2000 to July 2002

The fourth study of homelessness in Sudbury has confirmed a number of trends in the characteristics of people who are absolutely homeless:

- Females represent over a third of the homeless population.

- Aboriginal people are greatly over-represented among those who are absolutely without housing and those who are experiencing relative homelessness.

- Nearly a third of homeless people were reported to be absolutely without housing.

- Adults aged 20 to 59 represent two-thirds or more of the homeless population.

- The major causes of homelessness in Sudbury, as identified by homeless people, are unemployment, poverty, lack of affordable housing, and problems with social assistance. Domestic violence and mental illness are also significant causes of homelessness in Sudbury.

- Half of the absolutely homeless population in Sudbury was not receiving any financial support from government programs and a large proportion (over a third) of those who are at risk of homelessness were Ontario Works clients.

Publication Date: 
Sudbury, ON, Canada