Starting at Home In Medicine Hat – Our 5 Year Plan to End Homelessness – Year 4 Progress Report

When we look back on the momentum and energy from the last 4 years we are proud of our successes and achievements in the effort to end homelessness. The phenomenal work accomplished in Year 4 has provided a model for community responsiveness as benchmarks were passed and new milestones were set. The 2013 flood that continues to leave its impact on our community, prompted the coming together of neighbors, both homeless and housed, government and business, and the creation of friendship among strangers. Finally, the achievements in Year 4 demonstrated that not only does housing first work, it is the formula necessary to put an end to homelessness . The combination of surpassed expectations, responsiveness, and community feedback drove the re-focusing of Our Plan to End Homelessness. The re-focused Plan better reflects community’s past and present collaborative efforts and provides a framework for the future ...

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Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada