Supporting evaluation capacity development in partner countries – Next steps for the Network


The Evaluation Network is committed to “promote and support evaluation capacity development (ECD) in partner countries.” (Network Mandate) Since the early 1990’s members, both individually and collectively, have actively contributed to improving partner evaluation systems and skills in a variety of ways. There is consensus among members that improving partner capacity is important – particularly in the context of commitments to improve mutual accountability and partner ownership, and efforts to do more joint work with country partners. A strong knowledge base has developed within the Network, including various studies and numerous member experiences with capacity development activities and joint evaluations.

Drawing on these resources and other literature, the Secretariat has outlined some points for discussion and drafted the following background paper to inform a discussion of next steps for Network engagement in evaluation capacity development. The draft paper clarifies capacity concepts, distils some emerging lessons on good practices, and provides suggestions to shape a more strategic way forward.

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