Taking Health Care Home: Baseline Report On Psh Tenants, Programs, Policies, and Funding

CSH is working with states and localities through the Taking Health Care Home Initiative (THCH) to demonstrate how they can create supportive housing that ends homelessness for people with chronic health conditions including mental illness, alcohol and chemical dependency, and HIV/AIDS, and how that experience can be replicated on a national scale. THCH's primary focus is on systems change at the state and local levels. The goal is to create systems and government infrastructure within state, county, and/or city governments to produce supportive housing in a more integrated and coordinated way. Evaluation was built into THCH from the start. This, the second report, analyzes and presents findings from surveys of 63 agencies that develop and operate permanent supportive housing (PSH), and from 149 PSH projects offered by these and other agencies in THCH communities. These surveys are intended to supply information to assess baseline conditions and subsequent successes of THCH in reaching some of its most central goals (Authors)

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Oakland, CA: Corporation for Supportive Housing