Youth Employment Strategy (2017)

Four Strategies:

1. Provide Mentoring: Youth can benefit from experiences, connections and advice on how best to pursue employment opportunities. The practical preparation needed by youth is broad, ranging from understanding work culture and expectations, to connecting with others to discover and pursue opportunities, and how to skillfully manage their careers (personal finances, dress, job interviews etc.).

2. Make Employers Part of the Solution: Even when youth are skilled, ready and able, they need job opportunities. Job structure, entry requirements, hiring practices and awareness of incentives for business are all points of interest.

3. Support an Early Start: Helping youth to plan and prepare early for working life can have significant payoffs — for example, learning about potential jobs and careers that might be a good fit for their interests and skills; identifying sectors with good employment possibilities; and seeking insights from informed counsellors.

4. Help Develop Pre-employment Skills: Most youth have many things to learn before they start their first job — and there are many ways to learn them: online, in “boot camps” and through youth employment programs and agency services.

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