Systems Planning Collective Learning Modules

The Systems Planning Collective has heard from communities across Canada that there is a desire to pursue systems planning for prevention and sustained exits from homelessness. Regardless of the size of the community or the level of coordination within their homelessness system, communities have reported feeling stuck and needing support to drive change locally. Getting communities unstuck and helping them to chart a path forward that aligns with federal priorities, meet their local needs, and utilize assets and opportunities is essential.

In response, the Systems Planning Collective has developed four modules to form a comprehensive curriculum. These modules include tools and resources to mobilize systems planning knowledge, hone related skills, and take actionable steps toward change and improved local outcomes. The modules are separated into two streams: Systems Planning Basics and Advanced Systems Planning. The aim of the modules is to effectively mobilize systems planning knowledge on policy, planning and practice to communities across Canada. They are available to all Designated Communities and open to non-designated communities looking to start, advance and/or improve their local systems planning work.

The Systems Planning Collective is committed to working with communities and leveraging the strengths of its partners to take the latest knowledge in systems planning, policy and practice to scale and empower them to transform their responses to homelessness.

A collaboration between A Way Home Canada, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and Turner Strategies

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