2.6 Traumatic Brain Injury in the Homeless Population: A Toronto Study

The researchers investigated the relationship between traumatic brain injury and current health conditions in a representative sample of homeless people. They asked 601 men and 303 women at homeless shelters and meal programs in 2004–2005 in Toronto about any head injury that left the person dazed, confused, disoriented or unconscious. They found that lifetime prevalence among homeless participants was 53% for any traumatic brain injury and 12% for moderate or severe traumatic brain injury. For 70% of respondents, their first traumatic brain injury occurred before the onset of homelessness.

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Hulchanski, J. David
Campsie, Philippa
Chau, Shirley B.Y.
Hwang, Stephen H.
Paradis, Emily
Publication Date: 
Canadian Observatory on Homelessness