5.2 Taking Care of Their Own? Or Falling Between the Cracks? Absolute Relative Homelessness Among Immigrants, Refugees, Refugee Claimants in Vancouver

The housing situation of newcomers to Greater Vancouver is heavily influenced by the social capital of existing ethno-cultural communities. As a result, the extent of relative and absolute homelessness among immigrants, refugees, and refugee claimants is less than would be expected, given the income levels of these groups. Although many individuals and families are living in crowded, sub-standard conditions, the social networks operating among immigrant, refugee, and refugee claimant communities appear to mitigate against the worst forms of homelessness.

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Hulchanski, J. David
Campsie, Philippa
Chau, Shirley B.Y.
Hwang, Stephen H.
Paradis, Emily
Publication Date: 
Canadian Observatory on Homelessness