3.1 Ruth Ellis Center Family Preservation Program, Detroit, Michigan

Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS), an accredited children’s mental health agency, offers specialized services to support LGBTQ2S youth experiencing homelessness through its Pride & Prejudice and Youth Hostel Outreach Programs. Through these programs, CTYS provides individual and family counselling, therapy and group work to LGBTQ2S youth aged 12 to 24, as well as case management and advocacy work. Working within an anti-oppression framework, CTYS strives to foster resilience in youth coping with the cumulative toll of systemic oppression and everyday microaggressions. CTYS creates opportunities for LGBTQ2S youth experiencing homelessness to break down isolation, build community and develop leadership skills. In all its services and programs, CTYS strives to bear witness to the many ways LGBTQ2S youth resist and challenge oppression.  

Alex Abramovich
Jama Shelton
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Canadian Observatory on Homelessness