Housing Stabilization

In this report we tackle the critical issue of housing stabilization for youth who have exited homelessness – a key component of any comprehensive approach to youth homelessness prevention. Housing stabilization for youth should include a focus on well-being embedded within each form of housing stabilization:

  1. Housing Supports 
  2. Health & Well-being
  3. Access to Income & Education
  4. Complementary Supports
  5. Social Inclusion

This report also considers housing stabilization for Indigenous youth, moving beyond mainstream/colonial understandings of homelessness to include cultural connection, opportunities for healing, and (re)connection with community.


This report is one of a six-part series on youth homelessness prevention, drawing from The Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness. The Roadmap is designed to support a paradigm shift to prevention by providing a clear definition of youth homelessness prevention, offering a framework and common language for prevention policy and practice, reviewing the evidence for prevention, and highlighting practice examples from around the world. Each report in the series explores one element of youth homelessness prevention, providing a framework for targeted action and change in that area. 

Amanda Buchnea
Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
A Way Home Canada
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