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Homelessness In Canada (Week of November 3rd)

Last week at the Homeless Hub:

Our weekly infographic connected the dots of Habitat for Humanity International's mission and purpose. Habitat's model has actually been imitated by other organizations like the St. Bernard Project that aimed to help in the reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Katrina.


Homelessness In Canada (Week of October 20th)

We kicked off last week at the Homeless Hub with a post by Nick Falvo on public policy responding to homelessness over the past decade. Two points really stand out in his post. First off, federal funding for homelessness programs has decreased by roughly 36% since the start of funding initiative back in 1999. Secondly, and more optimistically, the final results of the At Home/Chez Soi study on homelessness and mental health will likely be released in the next six months.


Homeslessness in Canada (Week of October 13th)

Last week at the Homeless Hub we observed World Food Day and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It's easy to discard these days here in Canada and just think of hunger and poverty as issues for the developing world. However, poverty and hunger do affect Canadians. According to the latest data from the Ontario Association of Food Banks over 17,000 households turned to food banks for the first time last year in Ontario alone.


Homelessness In Canada (Week of September 29th)

At the Hub, every Wednesday is Infographic Wednesday where Isaac Coplan works his magic to muster up something cool and last week was no exception. Last week he focused on recent public perception surveys done in Victoria, BC on homelessness and mental health. These surveys found that 85% of people felt affordable housing could help reduce homelessness and 84% of people felt that affordable housing was the government's responsibility.


Homelessness In Canada (Week of September 15th)

Last week at the Hub:

Our "Ask The Hub" section is still going strong as questions keep coming in. Last week, Tanya Gulliver explored how sexual violence both contributes and is a product of homelessness. To put the issue into perspective, some of the shocking reports Tanya cited estimated that 93% of homeless mothers have experienced sexual violence.


Homelessness in Canada (Week of September 1, 2013)

The resources we posted last week highlight not only the diversity of the Homeless Hub’s audience, but also that of the research being done across Canada in the homelessness sector. The highlights from last week include:


Homelessness in Canada (Week of August 25, 2013)

It’s back to school time for many students and educators out there. Last week’s “Ask the Hub” blog post covered some important information for going back to school: "Where can teachers and students find resources for school using the Homeless Hub?" This post outlines how the Homeless Hub can be a resource for students (and teachers) who are returning to school and looking for some extra information on teaching, researching or studying homelessness.