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What are agencies doing post Housing First?

This question came from Denise B. via our latest website survey: What are other programs/agencies/services in the Housing First model doing 'post Housing First?


What do people experiencing homelessness think of available services?

In our latest website survey, Sergi L. asked: "What is the opinion of people experiencing homelessness about the different services available to them? Are their needs and opinion taken into account? Are there any services built up from their own opinion and/or participation?"


What employment strategies are being used in Canada?

This question came from Shayne W. during our latest website survey: “What are the best practices in employment strategies currently utilized by the federal government? What are the numerical outcomes?"


Why are women fleeing violence in traditional housing considered housed?

Our question this week comes from Tabitha Maria G. in our latest website survey: Why are women fleeing violence in traditional housing considered housed when in fact they're at imminent risk of homelessness?

How people are assessed (housed vs. not housed) depends on what definition of homelessness someone is working with. For example, some people think that only people living on streets or staying in shelters can be considered homeless. As Tabitha is pointing out, people in temporary, transitional or otherwise precarious housing situations can also be considered homeless.


What considerations should be given when looking at sexual and gender identity?

This question came from Chris M. via our latest website survey:"What considerations should we explore when looking at sexual and gender identity and homelessness?"

Gender and sexual identities are very important considerations when it comes to the experience of homelessness and how we, as housed people, researchers and frontline workers, approach people. The following are a few considerations I would rank highly, but this isn't an exhuastive list. I welcome additions in the comments!


What can we do this World Homeless Day?

World Homeless Day (WHD) is tomorrow, October 10th. According to its website, The purpose of WHD is to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness, while taking advantage of the stage an international day’ provides.