Toolkit Development

The toolkit development process involved research and key stakeholder consultation to collect and review existing promising practices from a variety of communities across Canada at various stages of youth plan development and implementation. The research also draws on U.S., U.K. and Australian best practices literature to complement the Canadian findings.

Communities of different sizes are highlighted to ensure the toolkit’s relevance across Canada; provincial approaches are also included. Key stakeholders with experience developing and/or implementing youth plans provided input into the final toolkit, along with materials that can be used as resources. Note that one of these plans (Alberta) is provincial in scope; though the primary focus of this toolkit is on local community plans it has applicability to provincial/territorial plans as well. 

Table 1: Youth Plans Across Canada and the U.S.

Kingston, ON Implementation
Kamloops, BC Implementation
Seattle, U.S. Implementation
Edmonton, AB Implementation
Calgary, AB Development after initial implementation
Cochrane, AB Implementation
Wellington County, ON Development
Saint John, NB Development
St. John’s, NL Pre-development
Brandon, MB Development
Yellowknife, NWT Development
Winnipeg, MB Development
Alberta Implementation
Ottawa, ON Pre-development