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“Why Would She Go Back?”

You want the best for your friend, your neighbour, your relative. She has confided in you that she has been abused by her partner and left the family home with her children. Then you learn she has gone back and you find yourself confused and scared for her, pondering the question, “why would she go back?”


Upstream Kelowna: MtS Youth Prevention Awards Winner

In this blog, the Upstream Kelowna initiative developed by BGC Okanagan (formerly known as Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs) ​​will be unpacked. You will learn what the initiative is, why it was developed, how it fills the gaps in preventing youth homelessness and much more.


COH’s Reflection On Assessment Tools & Commitment to Equity

 This blog post introduces reflections from the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) on the current use of assessment tools among homelessness service providers in Canada. In the near future, we plan to engage in dialogue with communities to better understand their needs and desires regarding assessment tools and processes.