→ Tier 1

Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director at Choices for Youth describes Tier 1 as “really energy retro-fit, it’s really good entry-level work, it’s skilled, there is a lot of training, but it’s very repetitive work. It gives us a chance to really work with young people so they really get the skills down pat.”

Tier 1 is the entry level into the program and generally lasts about 44 weeks.  There are 10 youth in Tier 1.

Tier 1 youth are paid $11/hour. They are given a high level of support – usually one Youth Support Worker to a team of four to six youth, plus access to the one of the Youth Supports Coordinators.

Tier 1 youth work doing basement renovations for Newfoundland Labrador Housing Association as part of the green retro-fits. The overall goal is to make the basements warmer for the winter so that the tenant could save on their heating bill.