Changes to Staffing

Since the changes include a reduction in the number of youth served at one time there is a resultant modification to the staffing model. The position of the Construction/Site manager has been made redundant and the responsibilities will be shouldered by the Project Manager position. By having a Project Manager position and hiring an individual with a background in construction and subcontracting, project management and large scale construction projects, the goal is to bring more industry knowledge to the social enterprise concept. This individual will also have strong insight into the expectations of the industry and can help ensure output productivity meets an industry standard.

One of the two Youth Supports Coordinators positions is being made redundant. As the number of youth has decreased from 20 to 10, it is expected that one individual can coordinate and provide all necessary support to the youth.

One of the four Youth Support Worker positions was also made redundant. The three remaining positions were renamed “Lead Hand”. The new job descriptions for these positions reflect a greater range of experience in construction projects, while still combining youth support skills. 

In this new model, with 10 youth and six staff directly supporting youth, the ratio will be 1.66 youth to 1 staff. 

The Manager of Social Enterprise position is also being eliminated.  The Project Manager, the Fund Development and Communications Department and the Finance Department will assist the Project Coordinator in the roll out of the business plan.

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