The initial length of the Train for Trades program was 44 weeks. This was designed to ensure that youth had enough hours to qualify for Employment Insurance and for funding to return to school.

Now that the Tier system is implemented there is no time restriction to move through the program. Some youth have been supported to stay in the program while on the waiting list for school, which provides them with extra income and gives T4T a skilled youth to assist in mentoring the newer participants.

Homeless Hub Thoughts:

As discussed in the EI section, eligibility varies across the country, so program planners should learn about EI eligibility in their own community if enabling youth to qualify for it is an objective.

In most cases, the length of time a youth can stay is going to be dependent on the financial resources of the organization. A balance will have to be struck between the ideal length of time needed to get a youth back on their feet with the help of supports and training and the need to have as many people participate in the program as possible.