Housing Supports

While Train for Trades does not have a formal housing component included in the program, Choices for Youth offers various forms of housing support including a shelter for young men and various transitional housing programs. If a youth identifies that housing is an issue then the Youth Supports Coordinator will work with the youth to help them obtain housing through CFY or independently in the community. 

Homeless Hub Thoughts:

A lack of housing is an obvious barrier to successful participation in an employment program. An agency does not have to be a housing provider, but it should develop partnerships with landlords or housing providers in order to assist youth who run into problems. Additionally, programs should prepare to adjust their rules to help youth access long-term housing. If a youth needs to meet curfew or attend meetings at a shelter, the program should adjust the youth’s hours. Programs may also need to assist youth with a housing search, including computer or telephone access, time off to view an apartment etc.


Train for Trades youth built 'The Lilly' which houses program participants.
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Train for Trades youth built 'The Lilly' a transitional housing program for youth. 'The Lilly' is a transitional housing project built as the pilot initiative for Train for Trades.