Changes to Tier System and Workload

The tier model will continue to exist, but the youth will be merged into mixed-tier construction teams so that new Tier 1 youth can be mentored by youth in Tiers 2 and 3. This will hopefully make all of the teams more productive by reducing the overall learning curve of the project each time new youth are hired.

The work will be specialized to skill level, so teams with more experience/expertise will take on more of the individual and Modernization & Improvement contracts, while newer/more inexperienced teams will focus on the basement retrofits. While this sounds similar to the existing process, the biggest difference will be the mixing of tiers in each team with senior youth mentoring newer youth. 

T4T is a support program and an employment program. On the support side the goals has been to support a youth’s transition into the labour force by providing intensive case management supports. On the employment side, these changes also bring productivity to the forefront of operations. This models real world work environments to ensure youth are more successful when they transitional out of Train for Trades.