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CHT: Youth are responsible for taking, storing and refilling their prescription medication. They must inform staff of all medications that they take and this information can be passed on to medical personnel in case of an emergency. In certain situations, ROP staff may assist a youth by storing their medication in a secured cabinet.

CHV: Youth must inform staff of all medications they are taking. All medications (with the exception of vitamins, birth control and fast-acting medication), such as inhalers, will be kept locked in the office. In all Steps youth are responsible for taking medication as prescribed and will be asked to initial each time they take a dose. In Steps 1 and 2 youth may be reminded by staff that it is time for them to take or use a certain medication. In Steps 3-6 this is solely the responsibility of the youth. At this point, the youth may discuss with their Key Worker and Case Manager the possibility of storing their medication in their room.

Homeless Hub Thoughts:

Allowing a youth control of their own medication – perhaps with supports to remind them to take it – is beneficial but needs to be weighed against the risks of the medication being stolen or abused/misused by the youth. It is critical that a youth maintain control of emergency medication (i.e. epi-pens, rescue inhalers) and that staff are trained in their use and how to administer them.