→ STEP 4: Contributing to the Community


By the time you reach Step 4, you should be actively practicing in all of the independent living skills you have achieved so far and ready to contribute leadership to your ROP community.


  1. Pay program fee of $300 on the first of each month, unless otherwise arranged.
  2. Start developing your own case plan for review with your Case Manager weekly.
  3. Adhere to your case plan, including your plan for school or work.
  4. Wake up and get yourself to appointments/work/school as needed and without reminders.
  5. Take medications as prescribed.  Be responsible for remembering to do this.
  6. Sign in and out every time you enter or leave the building.
  7. Meet daily curfew requirements (12:00am on work or school days/2:00am on 2 days off per week).
  8. Overnights (up to 4 per month); must notify staff. 
  9. Attend Life Skills sessions as assigned.
  10. Keep apartment clean, clean up after yourself in the common area and complete common area chores daily.
  11. Attend Community Dinner every Wednesday and House Meeting once per month.
  12. Adhere to behavioural guidelines.
  13. Complete weekly program requirements.
  14. Supply and prepare your own breakfast and lunch.
  15. Begin a move-out plan or create an extension plan with Key Worker and Case Manager.
  16. Offer leadership within your community.