→ Monthly House Meetings

House Meetings at both ROP programs are mandatory. They provide an opportunity for communication to the group as a whole to ensure information is shared promptly and efficiently. Youth can only be excused from a House Meeting if it conflicts with their work or school schedule, or another program requirement, and must communicate this to their worker.

CHT: A monthly house meeting is held with staff and residents. This is primarily an opportunity for staff and residents to discuss issues and concerns around the house, upcoming policy or procedural changes, and to share events.

Residents also hold their own meeting as desired, organized by a youth, to discuss issues of concern. Interest in holding these meetings seems to depend on whether there are issues of concern in the program and whether there is a youth who is inclined to organize. Minutes are taken and then given to senior staff.

CHV: A monthly house meeting is held to allow two-way communication between staff and residents. Anyone who has an issue to discuss can have it placed on the agenda.

Youth are encouraged and supported –including funding—to organize their own resident-only meetings and events, however there is very little take-up in this regard.

Homeless Hub Thoughts:

Allowing youth and staff an opportunity to discuss issues is key to building a harmonious living environment. Making the meetings mandatory is also important as it helps ensure everyone receives the same information at the same time.

We particularly like the residents-only option available in both cities, as it does provide a safe space for youth to air grievances they may have with the program or staff. We encourage all agencies to make space and funding available to the youth to organize their own meetings or events.