→ STEP 2: Establishing Routine


During Step 2, you are moving forward with your plan. The focus is on getting established with work, school and/or healthy routines, maintaining stability, and practicing life skills.


  1. Pay program fee of $300 on the first of each month, unless other arrangements have been made.
  2. Make contact with staff at least once each day.
  3. Attend a weekly case planning meeting with Case Manager.
  4. Adhere to your case plan, including your plan for school or work.
  5. Wake up and get yourself to appointments/work/school as needed and without reminders. (Staff will remind you if needed, but to pass the step, you need to do this independently).
  6. Take medications as prescribed.
  7. Sign in and out every time you enter or leave the building.
  8. Meet daily curfew requirements (11:00pm on work or school days/1:00am on 2 days off per week).
  9. Overnights (up to 2 per month) or extended curfews only with pre-approval.
  10. Attend Life Skills sessions as assigned.
  11. Open a bank account and get all necessary identification.
  12. Keep apartment clean, clean up after yourself in the common area and complete common area chores daily.
  13. Attend Community Dinner every Wednesday and House Meeting once per month.
  14. Adhere to behavioural guidelines.
  15. Complete weekly program requirements.